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December 19, 2022

Transfer Alpha is live for Alpha our users!

Hello everyone!
Transfer Alpha is live for our Alpha users! We promised to ship in mid-December - and we did it.

First, we want to thank our Alpha users and say it was an honor to hear their feedback. We've processed loads of their ideas, many of which are already on our roadmap (we will share more about the Transfer roadmap soon).

Our team will contact our Alpha users tomorrow with access details and more info about Transfer Alpha.
If you're not on our Alpha list but want to join - please subscribe to our waitlist here, and we'll contact you directly.

Functions available for Transfer Alpha users:

  • Create and send invoices seamlessly via Telegram. Your clients can pay for the invoice in a few clicks, even if they are not Transfer Alpha users.
  • Pay for an invoice instantly. Swap 223 stables, coins, and coins automatically without leaving the invoice page - we have a DEX integrated for your convenience.
  • See your invoice dashboard - invoices you issued, invoices you're paying, etc.

Please note: We only have a desktop web version now - the mobile web version is upcoming in a couple of weeks.

If you have any questions, our Support team on Telegram is always here to help!